Demolition and Excavating

Demolition and excavating is an essential step of any large-scale construction project.

Demolition involves the tearing-down of buildings and other structures. Demolition methods can vary depending on the area where it will be executed, the building material, the purpose of the demolition and the way that debris is going to be disposed or recycled. Some of the most commonly used methods for demolition of structures are:

• Wrecking Ball
• Deliberate Collapse
• Wire Rope Pulling
• Explosion
• Implosion
• Grapples and Shears

Excavation may be classified in two ways; by type of material or by the purpose.

Examples of excavation by type of material:

• Topsoil excavation
• Earth excavation
• Rock excavation
• Muck excavation – this usually contains excess water and unsuitable soil
• Unclassified excavation – this is any combination of material types

Examples of excavation by the purpose:

• Stripping
• Roadway excavation
• Drainage or structure excavation
• Bridge excavation
• Channel excavation
• Footing excavation
• Borrow excavation
• Dredge excavation
• Underground Excavation

In most cases heavy construction equipment is used for excavation due to the amounts of material to be moved, sometimes up to millions of cubic meters.

Site development usually involves pre-construction groundwork, including demolition and excavating which generally requires highly specialized techniques and proper planning.

The combination of hazardous materials and dangerous working conditions are always present. Surveys are always done to identify any underground utilities such as wiring, natural gas, water, sewers and drains.

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