Our Clients & Partners

Public Sector Clients:

Federal Government
United States Coast Guard
Department of the Interior
Department of Defense
Department of Transportation
Department of Agriculture
Homeland Security

State of New York
Department of Transportation
Department of Environmental Conservation
Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation
Nassau, Suffolk, and Sullivan Counties

State of Maine
Department of Transportation
Bureau of General Services
Towns of Sheepscot, Monhegan, Cranberry Isle, Westport Island, Phippsburg, Moosehead and Islesboro

State of New Hampshire
Department of Transportation

Private Sector Clients:

George E. Vickers Jr. Enterprises, Inc.
Ben Krupinski Builders & Associates, Inc.
Martinbilt Construction, Inc.
McGrath Builders Inc.
Quogue Developers Corp.
Reflections General Contracting Inc.
Stalco Construction Inc.
Witty & Gazda Construction LLC
Chateau Construction LLC dba JBialsky Premier Design & Development
Owen Construction Corp.
Gentry Construction Co., Inc.
JC Construction Management
Seascape Partners
Custom Island Homes Inc.
Sandpebble Builders Inc.
Hobbs, Inc.
Pro Con Group, Inc.
Construction By Design Corp.
Long Island Modular Homes
Ronald Webb Builder LLC
Seifert Construction Corp.
Campbird Capital LLC
Triple H Properties LLC
Joe Burns Contracting Corp.
Wastewater Development Inc.
Coastal Custom Homes
Lipsky Building Construction, Inc.
Charles Gallanti Inc.
Bulgin & Associates Inc.
KDMAX Construction Inc.
White Oak Builders Corp.
John Hummel Custom Builders Inc.
RLW4 Builders LLC
Stewart Construction
Nocera General Contracting Inc.
Modern Green Home
Cook & Krupa LLC

Professional Firm Partners

Chesterfield has excellent relationships with and regularly works with a variety of professional firms including:

Dunn Engineering Associates, P.C.
Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Cashin Associates, P.C.
En-Consultants, Inc.
L.K. McLean Associates, P.C.
RMS Engineering
J.R. Holzmacher, P.E., LLC
JMO Environmental Consultants
Vachris Engineering, P.C.
D.B. Bennett, P.E., P.C.
The Blue Book of Building & Construction Network
The Guild of Professional Helical Pile Installers
BlueShore Engineering, LLC
Hawkins Webb Jaeger Associates P.C.
H2M Group Inc.

DKR Shores Corp.
Land Use Ecological Services Inc.
Fluid Imagery Computing
FMI Corp.
Geotech Associates Ltd.
GRL Engineers, Inc.
B2W Software Inc.
S.L. Maresca & Associates
Bronzino Engineering, P.C.
Sidney B. Bowne & Son
Nelson & Pope, LLC
Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc.
Savik & Murray, LLP
Cameron Engineering & Associates, LLP