A catwalk is an exterior walkway that can be constructed around all or part of your home as a ground floor or mezzanine walkway or as a walkway out to a marina.

Catwalks are narrower than a conventional docks but are just as sturdy against weight shifts. Chesterfield Associates designs, constructs and installs all types of catwalks including handrail catwalks, walk-through catwalks and open catwalks.

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Depending on the application, catwalk platforms may be constructed from galvanized steel, aluminum or fiberglass.

All are available in various widths and thicknesses. They can be installed with skid resistant diamond grated surfaces, or a grit top surface for sure footing. Exterior grade carpeting may even be used for a less industrial look.

Whether you choose pre-fabricated fiberglass grating panels or a custom aluminum catwalk, all of the catwalks designed and installed by Chesterfield Associates are securely anchored and provide long lasting beauty with corrosion resistant materials.
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