Marine Salvage and Transportation

Chesterfield Associates owns a fleet of floating equipment to service any marine salvage or transportation need.

This equipment includes boats, mechanized landing crafts, cranes and sectional barges that can be transported over land for remote location work.

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This fleet of marine vessels and equipment are used for many services ranging from salvaging marine vessels to hosting firework shows to accessing remote areas. Chesterfield Associates has been called upon for off-shore projects for both the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard remains one of Chesterfield Associates’ top clients.

Companies with complex waterway moving and transportations needs turn to Chesterfield Associates.

They provide responsible and efficient marine transportation services for all types of unique moves. The company services the east coast with sea management, vessels and captains licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. They pass strict regulatory inspections and move product throughout the eastern seaboard.

This is an intensive operation that requires experienced personnel and the right equipment. We launch and maintain our own fleet of high strength barges, push boats, and landing crafts equipped with cranes that can haul to dock facilities or remote beach landings.


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