Phippsburg Boat Launch

Phippsburg Boat Launch

The rocky coast of Maine is full of many inlets and peninsulas that offer numerous nooks and crannies of access for mariners.And for us? We get to enjoy the beauty of it while we work!
This Meadow Brook public boat launch is one of five the town maintains and is used daily by marine harvesters and water enthusiast.
Needing attention to the erosion between the precast planks and acknowledging the limited ability for loading/unloading items into vessels, the municipality decided on an upgrade.

The project detail is to install small riprap between the existing planks, increase large rip rap to accommodate +/- 70′ of floats that will rest on land at low tide, construct & install floats, and install piles. All to be completed without “in water work”.

With the amount of constant use by those making a living off the water we were adamant to complete this project without closure of the facility and was thanked by many for doing so.

Utilizing the incline of the launch and an early low tide we were able to complete the plank rip rap immediately.

Constructing the floats at our shop not only kept the employees out of the elements of weather it alleviated taking up precious parking spaces by not having to store them on site.

Setting up the 5 caissons for the composite piles, choreographed with low tide and day light, was accomplished with a small excavator and the talent of the crew. Piles were set and driven in a timely fashion.

Now comes the challenge of pouring the concrete and having enough cure time before the tide takes over! Moon tides are a marine construction company’s best friend and we were very fortunate to have one just at the most opportune time. The unique scheduling of time per task allowed the whole crew to work individually yet as a team. Yes we had to bail out the farthest cason as the water was still descending, but by the time concrete was done in the other four this one was ready to receive.

Manuevering heavy rip rap and setting planks for the floats to rest on at low tide was the next step before installing them. The pressure treated 16′ floats went in with ease and are connected to each other and the piles for stability yet with hardware easy to remove when the floats are stored for the winter.

Job is done and we appreciate the comments and compliments by all.

We thank you all as well 🙂