Pier Base

Pier Base

cainc-pier-base-001At a little cove not far from the mouth of the vast Atlantic Ocean is a serene parcel of property in East Boothbay Maine anticipating the construction of a pier.

As we all know you have to have a solid strong base to hold any type of structure. This particular private pier base not only has to be solid and strong enough for material and use, withstand the natural rise and volume of the cove water, but also the increased wave action and pressure from the adjacent dam forty feet away.

Let the challenge begin!

The beginning of this 70′ pier mounts to a poured concrete abutment at the top of ledge and requires the first couple of pile bents to be secured to the ledge hidden under seaweed. Drilling holes and setting pins appears to be a simple task by observers. Good job to the crew for staying diligent and utilizing your talents 🙂

cainc-pier-base-002The next two pile bents not only require skill and talent, but need the use of our little yellow friend operated by the boss himself – and oh yeah a HUGE moon tide so we can start at 4 AM!

Installing pile caps need the finesse of balance whether on land or on boat: sometimes playing is masked by working. And at last the stringers are installed.

Coordination of the crew, equipment, and tides allowed us to complete this base steadfast and is now ready for it’s decking. The property owner was there to witness many steps of progress and expressed his appreciation and appeal numerous times.

It was a pleasure for us too!

cainc-pier-base-003 cainc-pier-base-004