Poor Farm Road Project in Bristol Maine

Poor Farm Road Project in Bristol Maine

This original two foot wide, twenty foot long stone culvert constructed in the early 1900’s in Bristol, Maine was no longer efficient in water flow and the straight supporting walls were beginning to move outward. The narrow, short road traveling over the structure had exposed edges to the 14′ and 16′ steep drops and meandered through ledge on both ends.

Our task was to replace the existing culvert with eighty feet of four foot diameter pipe, widen the road, create slopes protected with riprap that were gradual and suitable for project width and length as well as integrate everything with the existing swales and install guard rail.

Our starting point included a discussion of what the project entailed in a meeting with the town Selectman and local residents. We implemented crossing accommodations by placing the pedestrian bridge over the down stream end before closing the road.

Numerous pieces of road maintenance equipment were utilized by the talented crew. They cut a ravine with an opening of eighty feet wide and a depth over twenty five feet, allowing placement of the new pipe. We had an inclination there would be an abundance of stone to be removed and yes there was!

After 5 days of what appeared to be non stop removal and replacement of aggregates, choreographing of equipment, and energetic employees, a single travelling lane is available for all!
The next three weeks were dedicated to complete the project on time and this was accomplished.

Throughout the project we had the opportunity to get acquainted with a majority of the residents – most days they were our audience and fan base. They were very helpful and patient: it’s a challenge to conduct everyday life with equipment noise (especially when your home is literally at the project edge), having to leave vehicles on both sides of the closed road, waiting to be waived by working equipment, as well as being away from your home. Thank you 🙂

Enjoy the beauty and safety of your area, it’s been a pleasure.