Specialty Foundation Services

Specialty Foundation Services Provided by Chesterfield Associates

ca-piledriving-009Chesterfield Associates offers a full range of specialty foundation services including retainer walls, engineering, marine construction services, pile testing and geotechnical engineering. Their extensive fleet of large earthmoving equipment continues to extend their ability to offer the best solutions for all deep foundation needs.

Demolition and excavating is an essential step of any large-scale construction project as is site development which requires highly specialized techniques, proper planning, plus pre-construction groundwork. Chesterfield Associates’ foundation applications include foundation repair, soil stabilization, soil improvement, settlement control, sinkhole prevention, as well as conventional footing design, caissons, micropiles, auger cast piles, stone columns, displacement piles.

Ever present on every job site is the combination of hazardous materials and dangerous working conditions. So, precise planning, including unique methods designed by Chesterfield Associates and accurate surveys to identify any underground utilities such as wiring, natural gas, water, sewers and drains keep the process progressively flowing.

Chesterfield Associates have the job experience and expertise in using the right earth moving equipment to perform demolition, excavation and debris haulage (including recycling of materials whenever possible). They have completed commercial, residential and industrial site development (including specialized foundation) projects for a host of professional engineers, developers, and builders.

Commercial developments or any other organization that has a need for large earth moving equipment for site development can count on the land clearing and foundation preparation services of Chesterfield Associates.

With offices in New York (Long Island) and New England (Maine) Chesterfield Associates has provided professional marine construction and specialty foundation services and for more than 40 years.