Community Service

Chesterfield Associates Inc. prides ourselves on our community support, including a variety of causes such as, Habitat for Humanity, and local city and township programs. The company has sponsored charitable events and provided trucks for parades and floats for community and school events. Chesterfield also regularly donates time and equipment for the local Chamber of Commerce and the Historical Society to assist in various ways, such as hanging banners and obtaining required permits on behalf of these community organizations.

One popular fundraising program is the Chesterfield ‘Boulder’ where the winner of a charity auction can choose a large landscaping boulder from the Chesterfield yard and have it installed in the yard of the auction winner. Chesterfield donates the boulder and its transportation and installation as a prize to be awarded for the winner of a charity auction.

Chesterfield Associates was one of the first responders to the tragic crash site of Flight 800. We quickly deployed staff and one of their Marine Landing Craft to assist authorities in the rescue and recovery efforts.


With over 50 years of service, Chesterfield Associates, Inc. has a long list of government and private references available upon request.