Specialized Tools & Equipment

Chesterfield Associates, Inc. is unique in the number and wide range of heavy equipment, marine vessels and vehicles it owns. This allows us to put the appropriate equipment to work on a project to get that project done quickly and efficiently, saving the customer time and money.

Many other similar companies must rent equipment, and to keep costs down, those companies will often use equipment that has limited capacity to get the job done quickly, resulting in higher costs and longer project durations.

The philosophy of Chesterfield is to deploy the right equipment, of the right size to get the job done.

Heavy Equipment

Chesterfield has over 70 pieces of heavy equipment worth over $7M. These pieces range from cranes of all types, to loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, boom trucks, excavating equipment, forklifts, pile-driving hammers and amphibious trucks

Along with the list of more common construction equipment listed above, Chesterfield has an ever-increasing array of specialized tools and equipment, which lends itself well to our diverse workload.

This impressive set of equipment gives Chesterfield unrivaled flexibility and capabilities to tackle the most difficult jobs on all sorts of terrain.

Marine Vessels

We have 14 marine vessels including Tugs, Trawlers, work boats and barges, including two 74’ and a 56’ surplus military mechanized landing craft equipped with material handling cranes.

55 acres of Operational and Maintenance Facilities

To store and maintain this equipment, Chesterfield owns a 15-acre facility in Westhampton Beach, NY and a 40-acre facility in Westport Island, ME

Additional Capabilities

In addition to the equipment mentioned above that we own, Chesterfield has the ability to augment our fleet of equipment and vehicles with other unique capabilities. For example, we have completed remote concrete pours and other construction in the middle of large bodies of water using helicopters. 

Insurance and Bond Coverage

  • Chesterfield is fully insured with $15M in general liability insurance to cover any occurrence.
  • For bonding coverage, our company has a $15 million single limit; $30 million aggregate limit program in place.
  • Our employees are fully covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.