Welcome to Chesterfield Associates Inc.

For more than 40 years, Chesterfield Associates has provided professional marine construction and specialty foundation services.

From Virginia to Maine, Chesterfield Associates have been leaders in the marine industry delivering projects on time and on budget. Whether providing docks or bulkheads to a residential customer or completing major bridge installations, piling, or concrete restoration, professional quality service is what you will receive.

The company has received many awards for the quality of its workmanship and takes great pride in our work. Chesterfield is well staffed with professionals and has the requisite resources to handle the vast majority of the projects presented to it.

Marine construction is the main thrust of Chesterfield Associates Inc. The Company’s reputation in the industry with clients and engineers is tops in the field.

Our expertise in marine construction includes planning and construction for residential and commercial docks, piers, all types of bulkhead structures and the rehabilitation of existing structures.

Demolition and excavating is an essential step of any large-scale construction project.

Site development requires highly specialized techniques and proper pre-construction groundwork. The combination of hazardous materials and dangerous working conditions are always present.

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