Chesterfield Team

Lead by a deeply experienced four-person management team with a combined 120 years of experience, Chesterfield’s highly qualified management team brings decades of experience to all projects to ensure a high quality project, completed safely, on schedule an on budget.

Chesterfield Associates, Inc. employs approximately 45 additional personnel made up of supervisors, equipment operators and construction personnel. The majority of the supervisors have been with our firm for over 15 years, and most of the field personnel have been with us for at least ten years. All of the employees of Chesterfield are well-trained, dedicated to safety and quality and are highly skilled. Among the staff of Chesterfield are two employees who hold New York Welding Certifications, employees who hold boating Captains’ Licenses, Crane Operating Licenses, and various Commercial Diving Licenses.

Safety is of primary concern for Chesterfield, and all field personnel have received certificates for the 10-hour OSHA training program. As a result of our company’s comprehensive accident prevention policy, extensive training and focus on safety, Chesterfield has achieved an excellent safety record.

Chairman and Founder – E. Davies Allan

Mr. Allan founded Chesterfield Associates, Inc. in 1968 and has led our company for the past 50 years.

Mr. Allan started his career in 1962, spending 5 years as a technical writer for Markem Machine in Keene, NH prior to starting Chesterfield Associates.

Mr. Allan holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, a Class ‘A’ Commercial Drivers License and an Unlimited Crane License.

General Manager – Jeffrey E. Grube

Mr. Grube joined Chesterfield in 1979 and had over twenty years of hands-on experience with all phases of quality bridge renovations and construction of large projects before becoming part of the management team at Chesterfield. Mr Grube has complete knowledge of construction and trade requirements including architectural engineering, surveying, heavy equipment operation, excavation and demolition. Mr. Grube is skilled in all construction phases and is known for excellent interpersonal communication skills that allow the development of strong rapport with individuals at every level.

Mr. Grube has completed the 10-hour Occupational Safety & Health Training Course in Construction Safety and Health and holds a Cable Crane Certification of Competence and a Class ‘A’ Commercial Drivers License.

Vice President, Project Supervisor – Alexander T. Allan

Mr. Allan joined our company in 1983 and supervises the wide range of marine projects done by Chesterfield. Mr. Allan tackles some of the Company’s most complex and challenging tasks and is known throughout the Company’s client base to be safe, efficient and cost conscious by presenting project owners with innovative and cost effective design ideas.

Mr. Allan holds a Class ‘A’ Commercial Drivers License, an Unlimited Crane License and is a licensed diver.

Vice President & Field Operations Coordinator – Seth Allan

Mr. Allan joined our firm in 1980 and was appointed a Corporate Vice President in 1996. His responsibilities include estimating, project management and directing the entire company’s field operations, including dredging, pile driving, marine services, excavation, septic work and other projects. Mr. Allan is skilled in preventative maintenance activities, job scheduling, inventory control, and contractor supervision. He is a recognized expert in reading and interpreting blueprints and schematics, and has specialized knowledge of marine services.

Mr. Allan holds a Class ‘A’ Commercial Drivers License and an Unlimited Crane License.


A partial list of Government/Municipal Customers includes:

Federal Government

  • United States Department of the Interior – National Park Service (Babylon, NY; Staten Island, NY; Westover, MA;
  • United States Coast Guard 
  • United States Department of Defense, United States Navy, Air Force and Air 

National Guard

  • United States Department of Defense, United States Army Corps. of Engineers
  • United States Department of Agriculture

New York State

  • New York State Department of Transportation
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
  • SUNY Maritime

New York State Counties

  • Nassau County Department of Public Works
  • Suffolk County Department of Public Works

State of Maine

  • State of Maine Department of Transportation
  • State of Maine Bureau of General Services

Towns within the State of Maine

  • Town of Sheepscot
  • Town of Monhegan
  • Town of Cranberry Isle
  • Town of Westport Island
  • Town of Phippsburg
  • Town of Moosehead
  • Town of Islesboro
  • State of New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Department of Transportation

A partial list of prominent historical restoration projects includes:

  • We are responsible for the restoration of three historic bridges in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Maine including the Roebling Bridge in Pennsylvania and the Windsor Cornish Bridge in New Hampshire.
  • We have successfully restored, electrically, esthetically and structurally several lighthouses for the United States Coast Guard.

A partial list of valued clients:

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Construction Consultants

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