Bridge Building

From high-strength permanent bridges to semi-permanent and moveable bridges, residential walkway bridges to multi-lane highway bridges, Chesterfield Associates knows bridges.

Bridge styles developed by Chesterfield include vehicle bridges, pedestrian bridges, panel bridges and footbridges, in high, medium or low levels. The location for bridge building can vary from highway crossings, canals or rivers. Bridges can also be built for the short-term, which are suitable for use on construction sites.

Traditional building materials used for bridge building are stone, timber, steel, and reinforced and pre-stressed concrete.

All of these materials have different qualities of strength, workability, durability and resistance against corrosion. They differ also in texture and color. Chesterfield Associates strives to use the material which will result in the highest quality and environmental compatibility. Well-designed stone bridges can be the most cost effective. They are long lasting and need almost no maintenance. Pre-stressed concrete or reinforced concrete are less expensive than steel bridges and also require very little maintenance.

Steel has the highest strength and is often expressed as a preference. Lighter-looking bridges may be built by joining slender steel sections together to form a truss. For bearings and some other items, cast steel may used.

Bridges are always constructed to meet safety regulation requirements and can include internal guardrails or anti-skid surfacing.