Marine Construction

Marine Construction and Dock Building is the main focus of our company, and our reputation in the industry with clients and engineers is second to none.

Expertise in this area ranges from planning and construction of complete residential and commercial docks, piers, various types of bulkhead structures, and the rehabilitation of existing structures.

Chesterfield’s diverse capabilities span the construction of small residential fixed piers of less than 100 square feet to large commercial and municipal projects that may be up to several hundred feet long and thousands of square feet in size.

Our firm also has the ability to access projects in many ways, whether by land or water, including lakes and ponds.

Chesterfield owns several sectional barges that can be transported over land by truck and assembled in a pond or lake that may not be accessible by navigable waterways. We also have a large fleet of off-road vehicles and equipment allowing for beach access when necessary.